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Why Work With Me ?

 My eclectic coaching and workshop style has been crafted from over 18 years of experience  infused withThe Secret, Reiki, Sound Therapy, EFT | Tapping, Yoga, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences and is inspired by my work with John Assaraf, certifications from Jack Canfield, Byron Katie | The Work, Janet Attwood (founder of The Passion Test), Joe Vitale, Doreen Virtue and Brad Nelson (founder of Emotion & Body Code).

I have created a career by indulging in my passions and by sharing them I am helping others find what makes them feel more complete, fulfilled and excited about life!

My desire has always been for the world to be filled with more joyful people and through my work, this has become a reality! 

We need more smiling faces ❤️ And I want yours to be one of them!!

When I began my career in the wellness industry, in 1993, it came as second nature to assist people with discovering a more expansive way of thinking, healthier way to live and care for themselves.  After experiencing business growth, struggles related and personal obstacles, ie. Unresolved childhood traumas, health issues, an immediate family member's suicide and my own divorce, I realized there is too much pain and suffering in the world and not enough support for people to live a truly joyful life.  

I wanted to be that support!  I began to deepen my knowledge so I could offer multiple methods of coaching and energy work.   I am so impassioned about helping others learn how to effectively utilize the energy of the universe (commonly known as the Law of Attraction) and adopt new, scientifically proven habits that will cultivate greater success, confidence, connection to your core values and life purpose.  I am fortunate to say, I train with the best coaches in the world! I promise, working together, you will learn new tools and techniques to help you live the most joyful & authentic life!  

It's never to late to go for the life of your dreams - full of deeply connected relationships, more fun & leisure, balance, financial freedom & whatever your heart desires!

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Phone - this will only be used if I cannot reach you via email

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All services provided over the phone, via Skype | FaceTime, etc. or in person in Columbia and Lancaster, Pa. or  the face & Body spa in Yardley, Pa.  

Please suggest Heart Space to friends and loved ones, to help create a community of like minded, positive thinkers.  I would love to be a part of your personal growth and increase your happiness tenfold.  ❤️

Phone: (717) 974-4841