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Finding Clarity and Fulfilment by Living Your Values.


Discover a simple and transformative approach to help you deeply understand what matters most so you can truly come alive and experience the life you love!

Loving Life & Enjoying What Matters Most by Living Your Values.

During this self paced course you will discover a simple and tranformative approach to help you deeply understand what matters most so you can truly come alive and experience the life you love! 

Why take the course?

Do you aspire to have a life that is fulfilling and abundant?  A life where your relationships are on fire and that you have happiness on your own terms?  Do you feel like you are doing everything you should but it still isn't happening?  Can you answer yes to any or most of the questions below?

  • Are you unfulfilled?

  • Do you feel unhappy or think life kindof sucks?

  • Are you disappointed by yourself, situations or the people around you?

  • Do you crave more respect?

  • Do you want to feel more appreciated?

  • Do you want to feel more confident, courageous and secure?

  • Do you want more deeply connected relationships?

The problem is that the way we are influenced by society, our community, family and friend's we often adopt their values and live up to what everyone else expects of us. We no longer know our own, so we are not living based on what is most important to us, to make us happy.  It's not your fault!  You are just trying to do the right thing.  It's our culture constantly telling us what we should be doing; all the things to buy, the perfect relationship, the amazing body, a great job, the perfect house, a fancy car, etc. 

This creates frustration because even though you may be doing everything everyone else is telling you to do, it's never good enough and you are not reaching the level of potential and happiness you crave and deserve.  Maybe it's even so bad that you don't feel respect for yourself, you lack confidence or perhaps you don't feel valued and appreciated.  This is because there is a misalignment. You are making choices that affect your life based on what you are told matters to you verses what actually matters.  

You see, when you are not crystal clear on your values (aka. your moral compass and things that matter most), you run off of the default values, the ones family, friends, work and society has assigned to you.  Situations that come up throughout life and the choices you make will either bring you into alignment with your true nature or take you further away, which cause stress, anxiety, disconnect, lack of fulfillment because we sell ourselves short and settle for less than what we desire. If your choices are being influenced by these default values, your choices may never bring you into alignment at all.  And because we are so conditioned, you may not even know where to start to change this cycle.  Sometimes you need a guide to help you explore so you can find your own values, learn about your own passions and goals so you can find and discover the courage to live on your own terms.  And that's why the True Happiness was created!

The simple method will help you gain more clarity about what is most important to you and what brings you alive.  It will show you what creates the greatest sense of peace and security, self respect and feelings of success for you.  You will feel empowered to be more descerning regarding relationships and situations because you will know why you are doing it - to create the feelings and experiences your want in your life.  

What can you expect?

Completing my True Happiness course, will create a crystal clear blueprint to change all aspects of life for the better.  It will become so much easier to see what matters, how your choices affect you and a life you will love will unfold with ease. It is simple to follow, but deeply transformational!

It will provide that clarity, as well as bonus exercises about goal setting, strategic planning and it will teach you how to live intentionally, every day, to bring you toward your dream life!  You will play with affirmations, dream life building, vision boards and visualizations.   

The course contains 6 segments/lessons.  Each lesson provides the information the next lesson will need and although you have access to each lesson, upon enrollment, I highly encourage you to follow its intended order and also allow space between each lesson.  It is recommended to wait a week between each lesson to review the work you have done and let all the information process.  

Reap the benefits for a lifetime:

The best part about this course is how you will have the tools learned in it, FOREVER.  It's priceless!  The benefits of this course will intensify when you review the material every day for the first month or two, then go to once a week, then once every other week, then once a month.  Eventually, you can space it out to every six months.  You'll love the results when you stay connected to what you've uncovered!


*at this time the course is "text only" but the exercises are very simply explained and you will continue to have access to the course indefinitely, so as I add video and/or audio you will be able to view them :)

What do you want out of life?  

Do you know you have probably been standing in your own way.  

Today's the day you can change that!