Abundance Breakthrough Method.png

Using a specific variation of the  Body Code Technique, we will release the trapped emotions and correct any imbalances that are creating limiting beliefs and negative energy around money, so you can finally experience financial freedom!

Utilizing an in-depth 10 section workbook I will identify many key subconscious issues that are creating sabotage around creating abundance. During the Abundance Breakthrough Method process we will move from section to section with focused intent to remove or improve issues identified during an initial evaluation. This information will provide direction during our subsequent healing sessions.

We will eliminate your blocks to wealth and success forever! With this simple and elegant rebalancing process, we will be able to uncover and obliterate your money blocks so you can create the perfect condition for attracting abundance into your life.

4 session program $597

Later in the healing process, a re-evaluation can be done to measure improvements and find any issues that remain.  Additional sessions are available for a discounted rate of $59