Inspired Action

Using Inspired Action serum, doTERRA's Motivate in the diffuser to get into action and reach into my "I'll get to it later" pile.  I also had a good friend, and fellow coach, remind me of a practice:.   "If it will take 2 minutes, DO IT NOW!!"  

What a huge impact!  Yeah, I'm sure you heard this sort of suggestion before.  But I had too.  So I'm sharing in case this is the time it clicks for you, like it has for me <#

Lotuswei - How do you want to feel today?

okay. wow. yeah. I'm obviously not consistent with my blog...

It's been a whirlwind for the past few years.  Divorce, travel, education, selling my house, moving 2 hours away (back in September), learning how to care for children, introducing myself and coaching to my new community, working at a new spa, while running mine remotely (so happy its in may amazing team's hands though) <3

Anyway, this and last week my doTERRA has come in so handy!!  Some emotional stuffs have been coming up (kind of like tidal wave after today wave) so I've been diffusing forgive and console, all day.  I am certain I would be pulling hairs out if it wasn't for the calm vibe they've created <3   

Thanks for being here doTERRA!  


Wow! What an Amazing week!

I just returned from Arizona from a week of training with Jack Canfield!  What an inspiration he is and it was great being surrounded by so many like minded people :)  I can't wait to share what I've learned with you!  

One exercise I'll share for now is the Mirror exercise.  Each night before bed, look in the mirror and tell yourself all the great things you did throughout the day.  Feel yourself what makes you proud and last, but most importantly, look yourself in the eyes and say "I LOVE YOU".  Do this for 30-40 days - studies have proven there is a giant leap in self esteem when done this way!  

P.s. Don't skip a day or you have to start over from day 1.

The Magic of Vibrational Sound Therapy

The Magic of Vibrational Sound Therapy

A friend of mine took this photo to show the beauty created within our body when we receive Sound Therapy Treatments.  During a treatment, the bowls are not filled with water - this was simply to show how beautifully our bosy responds to a Vibrational treatment.  Considering it is primary made up of water :)

During a treatment, the bowls are places on specific parts of the body, stuck and the vibration reaonates for a few minutes.  The feeling and the sound allows the body to go into a deep state of relaxation and treatment after treatment, the relaxation response quickens allowing you to relax faster and deeper.  

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