Passion Test Experience

I LOVE going to classes and learning new things.  LOVE it!  And I enjoy almost all of it.  But when I first heard about the Passion Test, there was something that didn't excite me about it.  How weird, huh?  Who doesn't get excited about something called the passion test?  Even with all the inspirational leaders and mentors I've worked with who recommend it.  I still was like "Ah, it'll be a cool thing to learn, maybe I'll use it with some clients."

WELL.  Let me tell you.  WOW!  Wow! WoW! wOW! wow!  Can I say life changing, eye opening and clarifying?  

If you don't know this about me, but Ive always been a crier.  Cry because I'm happy, happy for someone, sad, scared, excited, lovey.  Basically, everything could bring a tear to my eye, but I stopped crying so much about a year ago.  If you saw me in this class you would have thought all my tears stored up and burst at the seams.  I had such an AHA moment.  One of my biggest breakthroughs of my life.  It was a tough at first but the after glow of it all is well worth it!  I can't deny it was so big, I'm still figuring out what to do with, but I'll tell you once I do, people from my past won't recognize a hair on my head.  

I'm being vague, but it's no secret, I'm happy to share, just don't want to bore you by writing out the whole story.  Come to a workshop, I'll share my experiences there.  Or send me an email if you are curious to hear... about me or how the Passion Test will change your life for the better!!  I assure you!!  Forever indebted to the creator, Janet Attwood.  It was a pleasure to work with her team and meet you.  I hope it happens again VERY soon!