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Your passion, your time, your business.  Your Life!

Holy Shit!  You are finally going for it!  You've decided to open your very own business! You are awesome!  You should feel so proud!  How long have you dreamed of this day?! 

Whether you've planned ahead or you've just taken huge leap of faith and dove in head first, this will be one of the most exhilarating times of your life! Get ready for the ride, baby and let me tell you, as exciting as the road will be, it could also be a really bumpy one.   Trust me. I know.  

Before I share my story with you and how I can help you build your business into money making and fulfilling dream of a career you've always wanted, let me ask you something:

Are you feeling overwhelmed by trying to manage these tasks?  

  • Marketing: Branding, Managing social media (Instagram, facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, web design, Marketing materials, Blogs, Open houses, Workshops, etc. 
  • Sales: Cold calls, Warm leads, Follow ups, Client acquisition, Client/Customer satisfaction, Retention / Rebooking
  • Type of business: Brick & Mortar (effectient layouts, floor plan, merchandising,) Online: Identity, Online store, Online courses, Webinars
  • Type of Services: Figuring out your niche, Establishing your avatar, Designing your unique offerings - Services, Programs, Packages, Memberships, Groups, Course content

Are you trying to salvage your resources by doing it all yourself, but you are exhausting your most valuable resource.. YOU!

I opened my first business at age 24 without a dime to my name or the money for the security deposit I had just agreed to when I signed my first lease.  I opened 2 more businesses after that one too.  I sold two, closed one.    So really, the excitement? I get it.  I thrived off of it. The adrenaline, the high, the sleepless nights that you wouldn't trade for anything!  Then there are the days you do nothing but question if you are doing the right thing, making the right choices.

  • Will it ever be easy?  
  • Should I try this?  Should I try that? 
  • If I do this, am I going against my vision?  Well, lets face it you'll have days you are freaking out because you have to pay the bills and you will try anything
  • Maybe you feel you have no other choice but to sell out.. just a tiny litte bit... and just this once!  "Pinky Promise, I swear!".  And then before you know it, the bills are scarier than hell and you may start to compromise your original vision.  It all becomes blurred and fear based decisions start to take over 
  • Scarcity mindset sets in.  It sinks an awful energy into you and BAM - SCAR CITY!  And yes, this scarcity mindset can cause some pretty serious scars, not just in your business but within your whole being and relationships you hold dearest
  • Before you know it, 5 or 10 years go by and you realize you have fallen out of love with your business

You didn't notice because it has been a gradual decline for the past few years. You know you feel stuck. You've noticed increase stress but you debate whether it's because of the economy, the new competitor in town, or health stuff - because your health will begin to suffer. You might be arguing with your partner more often, feel more irritable or want to talk / vent to your  friends and family ALL. THE. TIME.  Life just doesn't feel as good as you'd like and you are doubting your abilities which has slowly reduced your confidence and self-respect.  

At this point, the main focus is the financial aspect of business because having more money will take some weight off your shoulders:  These are some scenarios that run through an entrepreneur's minds and over their lips as they begin to burn out:

  • If I had more money I could revamp my business, website, marketing materials (clients would definitely come back and refer people) 
  • If I just spruce things up, invest in that (oohh, that new equipment is all the rage and will really take me to the next level)
  • If I take more classes, I'll have more credibility and confidence
  • If I had more money I could hire a coach to help me get out of this mess, but I can't afford one!
  • If I advertise more I could get more business
  • If I hire help I could increase revenue
  • If I stock more inventory, there would be increased sales
  • If I rebrand maybe it'll reignite my passion and get me excited again

You'll feel like you have tried everything and failed, like you have zero ideas and you are so exhausted, you're not even sure you want to try anymore.  In actuality, when you get to this point, what you'll really want is someone to come in with their magic wand and make it all better.  

Okay, take a moment to check in.  

I realize, right now, I could have lost you.  You might have your love blinders on so snug that you are thinking "Nooo way! THAT will NOT happen to me.  I have a plan, I have soooo much passion and I know exactly what I want and how to get there.  Nothing could ever make me feel that way about my love, my new baby, my business."  Oh my new friend, I am sorry to tell you how many times I have heard this story and sadly watch the plot twist and before having the chance to help turn the sad ending into a happy one, I witness another small businesses close down.  It's awful, they only needed to tweak a few things, but nevermind.  It's too late.  

Now, let me tell you why I am so passionate about making sure you NEVER get to this point in your business..  I'll keep them brief and if you want to know more I can share details during one of our calls.

I already mentioned I owned three businesses.  Created, owned and operated.  Buyer, trainer, manager, the jack of all trades!  And now, I'll admit, I had a love hate relationship with two of them.  The first example was an adorable little gift shop nestled right across the street from a Starbucks, in a super quaint, highly affluent  historic town!  Jackpot, right!  Anyway, I LOVED, LOVED, ADORED buying and merchandising for the shop.  It was, literally, all I thought about!  Seriously!  ALL. I. THOUGHT. ABOUT.  And I was pretty good at it too.  Then, in walks in "the customer" and GACK!  I wanted to run for the hills and hope that they just scooped everything up and paid.  Since the retail world isn't a magically fairytale and online shopping is taking a toll on brick and mortar shops, it takes a little more effort than just sitting there saying "Hi, I'm Heather, let me know if you have any questions about anything. I'll be happy to assist you." *commence hiding.   If I would have had the support, mentors to show me how to nurture leads, create loyalty programs, find inexpensive but awesome help on the sales floor, etc, I think it could have been a gold mine.  But I didn't have those things and the stress outweighed the fun so I decided to let it go and sold it to friends.  All I needed to do was find and enroll the right people, for the right tasks, and it could have been AMAZING!

The next was a yoga studio, which I was purely the start up and finances.  I went away for two months for advanced Yoga Teacher Training and came back to find the co-owner, who was new to business ownership did not want to be involved anymore and without any discussion, she left the business.  I never intended to run this business and luckily the stars aligned so I could ease out of it, bring the practice into my day spa and then along with me when I moved.

Now I'll tell you about my day spa.  It was award winning, and probably will continue to be, as long as what has been set in place remains in place and is improved upon.  

It was/is beautiful.  It was my everything.  I was a pioneer in my area and created something truly spectacular.  I loved it for a few years.  I built up the most amazing team, provided the most incredible products and services, had a fantastic location (just around the corner from my boutique) and clients experienced something beautiful from start to finish.  I also already mentioned starting with no resources.  That also means no support, no mentor, nothing but my "I can do this attitude and nothing will hold me back" attitude. And damn I wish that was all it took because if it was, I'd probably have spa's across the globe at this point.  What happened is exactly what I'm warning you about and what I see happen to so many others!  The payout wasn't worth the emotional investment I had put into it.  It was draining me.  

So are you thinking "Why will I hire Heather?" 

Let me explain.  While in the whirlwind of it all, sinking deeper into gloominess, feeling defeated, tired and wanting to find my magic wand holders to fix it all in one swipe, I sought out the BEST!  Yep, I have and continue to train with the BEST!  Mentors like John Assarf and Jack Canfield.  I study the work of Brendon Bruchard, with top leaders in the online course creation industry, and highly sought out coaches who specialize in pricing, program development, niche market, avatar research and more.   I invested, the equivalent of a college degree, to learn the methods to barrel through hurdles, get honest with my shortcomings, take 100% responsibility, learn how to create sales funnels, nurture leads, cold call, ask for referrals, create my elevator speech and mission statement, to get clear on my values and what I want for my Life & Business.  I knew they would teach me to locate the best resources, to determine how and who to enroll for help in the areas of business that didn't bring me joy and most importantly, the most important lessons of all... how to really know what is working and what is not.  Not only for the revenue, sales and bottom line but about Holistic Abundance, through and through.  Abundance not only relating to a bank account, Abundance in EVERYTHING.  It was a few years ago, when I first met John and in my intro he said to me "You will have all the steps in place to double your business within a few months (which would have brought it into a multimillion dollar company).  Then, he said, "Sell your business, it's obvious it's not what you want to do anymore. You just arent seeing it yet".  He said "Do more of what you love. Do less of what you tolerate and NONE of what you hate."  This was parallel to the time I deepened my relationship with Yoga, Coaching and Metaphysical Studies.  His words played in my head and I found the perfect person to buy my spa and I was TOTALLY ready to devote my life to my TRUE LOVE, Coaching and helping others make their dreams come true - changing the world one small business and one individual, at a time.  

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When I came to Heather, my biggest struggle was procrastination and not submitting work on time. I really wanted to know why I do that.

Working with Heather was nothing less than magical. One by one she helped remove trapped emotions that were inside of me since childhood! I didn’t even know that these emotions were stopping me from being successful and fulfilled.

Heather impacted me deeply, I felt a SHIFT. She helped me remove my fear of failure which was the real reason behind my procrastination. I also learned how I can train my subconscious mind to remove my emotional blocks on my own. And the best part was, I was able to work on a proposal and send it in the next 24 hours. I was delaying it for a long time and after my session with Heather, it became so much easier to send it ahead! <3

I have been able to remove many trapped emotions. Mostly my work has been impacted. I am still to see what other areas are impacted but I feel great <3 She is extremely soothing. I love her energy. She makes me feel secure and comfortable. I don’t have to put on anything. I can be REAL!

If you wonder if you should work with Heather, I say absolutely go for it. THE SHIFT!!! <3 I was mad aware of the emotional blocks I had which means I now have the power to remove them, if ever they come back. I am empowered. If you think, you deserve a shift in your life. If you really think you deserve to give yourself this gift of removing trapped emotions & stepping into the authentic YOU then go ahead! Because miracles are awaiting you <3 Thank You Thank You
— Ashmeeta - New Delhi, India

Just finished your “Simple Steps to Determine Your Perfect Client and Learn to Speak Their Language”. I began a little skeptical, I’ve read/heard a lot about how to figure out who my ideal client is, so I was kind of half listening. Then I got out my notebook and started taking notes. Then I started pausing and writing down your prompts and some of my thoughts. Which is to say I found great value in your offering. I really liked the steps and how they build to connect my experience to my work and then to my client. I can’t wait to spend more time journaling.

Also, want to add that I’ve been procrastinating requesting testimonials and your “7 Questions to Ask Your Clients” can be a guide for getting feedback for testimonials as well! I just used them as an outline to create prompts for a testimonial from 1 of my clients, can’t wait to see how she responds.
— Donna A. - Certified Life & Professional Coach
Donna A Testimonial.png

I came to Heather because I was struggling to articulate the spirit of my work and what made me different. I made more progress after just one quickfire session with Heather than I had in weeks struggling on my own. I was blocked by the box I had put around my work and she helped me unpick my skills, what made me unique, and gave me the confidence to OWN that difference and be unique. I’ve revamped my packages and have been testing the new way I talk about my work with my previous clients. After getting past this block I have so much more positive energy and creativity again, it’s such a relief. And my clients have noticed - I’ve been rebooked by three people in a week! Feeling happy with my work again!
— Anna

I have depression and anxiety. It’s crippling. So I was looking for some guidance, but more than that I think I was looking for some hope, and I definitely got that. I came away from our short session feeling like things maybe aren’t so bad and I could use some of the strategies I’m already using to get things done to do the things I’m not getting done. My life has felt truly halted by depression. I got written up at work recently and I while I don’t have full confidence in myself just yet, I do feel that I am capable. You made me realize that I’m really really hard on myself and am probably getting done A LOT more things than I realize. Like if I sat and wrote up a list, they’re not just tasks I’m completing, they’re entire projects, as you pointed out. That was huge for me. I’m not giving myself enough credit. Houses will always be messy is another thing you said to me. Something I’m trying to accept. And if covering all that personal stuff wasn’t enough, you helped me work on the language I use in my client offerings so that I’m hitting more directly on their pain language. You sent me copy after our session that you wrote for me and sent me resources. All of that in 30-45 minutes?? Absolutely incredible how much we accomplished. To the person on the fence about scheduling with you: Don’t hesitate! Heather has a grounded, empathic presence and really gets down to business with actionable steps. She does the work WITH YOU on the phone during your session. You walk away KNOWING what you need to do next. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.
— Brenna E.

What does all of this mean for you?

 Save Money - You benefit with the plethora of methods, resources  and support I can provide, at a fraction of the cost I spent to receive it.

Save Time - You will learn more efficient ways to work and structure so you don't waste time spinning your wheels without decent ROI

Save Energy - Learn how to spend the energy only on the activities that keeps you charged, not ones that deplete you

SHINE- LOVE your business, LOVE your Life, SAVOR the balance and keep bringing your gifts to the world.  

Don't let new energy and excitement keep you naive to the fact about how hard owning a business can be.  Most new business owners also make these mistakes:

  • Taking on too many tasks and responsibilities that don't light you up, just so you aren't "wasting money" and you'll have more to invest in your baby
  • Wanting to do it all yourself because no one else will do it as well
  • And if I build it they will come attitude - how could they not, it's going to be INCREDIBLE
  • Thinking you have an endless energy reserve
  • Not saving, no matter how impossible that idea seems
  • Not taking time away from the business (every waking moment is spent brainstorming, calculating, visualizing, networking, panicking, etc)
  • Not establishing a values plan for the business to keep you heading in the right direction to avoid diluting your vision or selling out just to pay the bills

I understand you may feel like you are on top of the world, right now.. but without notice, without the right support, the rug can get pulled out from under you, leaving little hope or potential of being able to fix the damage that has been done. Thinking you can do it all is a recipe for burn out and possible failure.  Not that failure is the end of the world, yes it is the greatest teacher you will ever have... but if it can be avoided, I say let's avoid it at all cost!

I am here to be sure you the steps you take are the right ones.  

The steps that will keep you in love with your business and your bank account!

For your team

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Work | Life Balance Workshop

This program is perfect to re-inspire your team, to motivate, to teach proper goal setting techniques, taking 100% responsibility, how to do more in less time, more accurately and how to offer more, and be more fulfilled, not only, their career but life too!  This will help them fall in love with them both!  

Once attended, your team will be able to revisit the material any time they need that boost to get them going!  So it is an investment you will forever gain a return on.  You'll love your ROI!

3 hour workshop $750   |   5 hour workshop $997