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Restorative & Yoga Nidra

  • SWAY Yoga 336 Locust Street Columbia, PA, 17512 United States (map)

A restorative yoga session, typically involves five or six poses (or asanas), supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest.  You will experience a blend of light twists, seated forward folds, gentle backbends and each asana is held for 5 minutes or more.

Our society and lifestyle has our sympathetic nervous system (aka fight or flight response) activated too often for a healthy mind and body.  For most people, this is their constant state of being, which can be very damaging to their physiology and well-being (things like weight gain, cancer, heart disease and much more can be associated with overactive sympathetic nervous system).  Restorative Yoga is a slow pace practice which engages the parasympathetic nervous system (aka rest-and-digest" or "feed and breed response) from the very first pose.  We all need this so desperately! The overall calming effect on the nervous system sets a deeply relaxing tone for the class that comforts your mind and body down to the cellular level, which enhances your body's ability to heal itself, to calm down and problem solve faster during daily stress and be more mindful.  

You will find your awareness is directed within, allowing you to take a deeper look at who you are, what you want, the choices you make and how you can serve the world. Restorative yoga opens us up to new levels of self-exploration and contemplation, allowing your inner being to shine forth. As your practice deepens, you will begin to make more deliberate and attentive choices, both on and off the mat so you will live in a more harmonious state.  

Last but not least, in our daily lives it’s easy to get pulled into the insecurity that is a byproduct of the modern world. Many people move through their days stifled by fear, riddled with anxiety, and paralyzed by uncertainty. Restorative yoga provides you with a safe harbor where you can reconnect with your true nature, your comfort your core being and beliefs in a safe, peaceful, supported environment. Making these connections through your poses, focusing on your breathe, and the deep relaxation you will experience will restore your ability to live with intention, make healthier choices, find good in the world and live the live a fuller, happier life.

Then we lead into Yoga Nidra 

Yoga Nidra, the science of deep relaxation. Yoga means “union.” Nidra means “sleep.” Yoga Nidra is a state between sleep and deep relaxation. It is a systematic method of inducing deep physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. The practice is done while lying down on one’s back. The eyes are closed and the body made completely comfortable. It involves deep relaxation with inner awareness while I lead a guided session. I will use auto-suggestion cues, visualization, and affirmation to create an environment in which healing can occur.

A few of the benefits now being confirmed by the medical field are increased immune function, digestive function, and better sleep. The gifts of Yoga Nidra are the releasing of old habits, fatigue, worry, and stress. Yoga Nidra can be practiced by anyone of any size or shape. This is not a physical exercise but rather a technique for physical rejuvenation, mental relaxation, spiritual growth, and overall wellness. According to yogic thought, unregulated stress is the root of most physical and mental ailments today. The secret of Yoga Nidra (and to better health) lie in its ability to relieve tension and stress at its root and restore a balanced state of mind and a deeply rested body.

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