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Enlightened Mind VIP Day Group Coaching

This VIP mini intensive digs deeper into your passions, habits and beliefs, so you can truly transform your life.  In this group setting we will discuss the most challenging aspects we are faced with today and receive support from one another and form a bond that can continue after the event.

This Deep Dive will include

  • Uncovering your passions, values and goals
  • Learn powerful decision-making tools for making healthier decisions to create the future you have been longing for
  • Get crystal clear on what holds you back vs. what inspires you and how to have more of the latter
  • You will learn multiple techniques to release emotional blocks that have been stopping you from pursuing your passions and causing you to repeat defeating patterns getting stuck with the same results
  • We will Create realistic actions steps to help you stay on track and choose in favor of your passions and ideal life

Light snacks and refreshments will be available.  BYOB.

Feel free to call for more information.