Discover Your Life's Passions & Uncover Your Life's Purpose

  • Tired of dragging yourself to work every day?

  • Ready for a new direction or need to be re-inspired, but don't know where to start?

  • Feeling like something is missing?

  • Searching for your life's passion?

  • Know you have a special purpose, but not sure how to find it?

Spend 3 hours in a group workshop,  2 - 1 hour one on one / private sessions or passion test party with friends and

 learn the #1 tool used worldwide to discover your passions and your life's purpose - The Passion Test!

  • Discover your top 5 passions

  • Learn the secret that will guarantee you a passionate life

  • Start practicing the 3 keys to creating anything you choose to have

  • Gain powerful decision-making tools for making good decisions about your future

  • See where you stand right not in living your passions

  • Take home a tool you can use again and again to stay connected to what matters most to you

Group workshop  $179 per person  

One-on-one Passion Test (2 Sessions) $249

Refresher/Check in call $59

My experience with The Passion Test supported me with getting the clarity I needed to manifest a VIP day with another professional.
As a Dating Coach, I understand the power of the question to arrive at a place that truly speaks to your authentic self.

This experience allowed me to pull the needle through all of my ideas leaving me with the one that most fit my desired outcome!
Heather was spectacular at leading this class. It’s an experience you’ll always remember!

Thanks Heather
— Bernadette M Smith, MCC Founder, Compatible Connections for Single Women

Working with Heather and attending the Passion workshop has been and is such a gift. It is like unlocking a secret treasure that is hidden inside of yourself. I enjoyed being in a safe and open environment with likeminded people. It was very helpful to hear other people stories on how align with their passions impacted their life.

The ideas regarding the passion test where presented clearly. I was engaged. Heather used her intuition to match the energy of the group. It was a Monday night so It was a relaxed environment where we were able to unwind from our day while taking in new ideas and perspectives on our passions.

My greatest gift from this workshop was TOTAL Clarity and realigning with the process of intention, attention and no tension. Since attending this workshop with Heather I have been very clear on what my number one goal is and matching my thoughts, my schedule and energy in that direction feels amazing. I have a deeper sense of peace because I trust myself to keep going until I reach my goal and having markers along the way helps to know that I am on the right track.

I believe we all have a treasure and sometimes life covers over it that is why working with Heather is so important. Our time is the most precious resource we have. It is gratifying to know that I am spending mine in lined with something that has great meaning to me and that makes me feel vibrant and alive. To sum up the experience in two words it is exhilarating and I am so grateful for it.
— Michelle L. - Southampton, Pa.

Jack Canfield Story

How many of you have heard of Jack Canfield, co‐creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and star of the movie, The Secret? This is the story of the first time Janet gave The Passion Test® to Jack.

Janet and Chris were presenting at a program in Vancouver, British Columbia where Jack was also presenting. Janet was writing the first ebook about The Passion Test and wanted to get Jack to give her a testimonial, so she called him up in his hotel room while they were at the event and said:

“Hey, Jack, I have this great Passion Test and I want to take you through it. Can I come give it to you?”

Jack said: “Gosh, Janet, I’d love to, but my taxi is almost here to take me to the airport.”

Janet, not deterred in the least, said, “No problem, I’ll come with you and give it to you on the way to the airport.”

Jack laughed and told her, “You crazy redhead! OK, come on.”

Janet went with Jack and had him list off the things he loves the most. In about two minutes he’d rattled off a list of fifteen, which didn’t surprise Janet; since Jack travels all over the world teaching people the principles of success.

As Janet took him through The Passion Test process, it was no surprise to her that Jack was already living his top five passions. Intrigued, Janet continued on to see what his #6 passion was, which came out as “being part of a spiritual leaders’ network.”

As soon as Jack realized the importance of his #6 passion, that was all it took for Jack.

Six months later, he invited a group of people, including Janet, to his house and launched the Transformational Leadership Council—which was Jacks #6 passion. Many members of TLC were featured in the hit movie and book, “The Secret,” and today it includes over a hundred of the top transformational leaders in the world.

When The Passion Test came out on Amazon, unbeknownst to Janet and Chris, Jack wrote the following testimonial:

When I did the work on discovering my passions with Janet and Chris, I wasn’t expecting that much to happen because I am already living my passion of teaching others how to become more successful. However, her powerful process took me to an even greater place where I realized I was not spending enough time with my family. That realization and the other work she did with me changed the way I lived my life for the rest of the year.”

So, if someone like Jack Canfield, who teaches people how to be successful, had such a big “Aha!” from The Passion Test, do you think it might be valuable for you? 

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