The Passion Test


The Passion Test


Discover Your Life's Passions & Uncover Your Life's Purpose

  • Tired of dragging yourself to work every day?
  • Ready for a new direction or need to be re-inspired, but don't know where to start?
  • Feeling like something is missing?
  • Searching for your life's passion?
  • Know you have a special purpose, but not sure how to find it?

Spend 3 hours in a group workshop,  2 - 1 hour one on one / private sessions or passion test party with friends and

 learn the #1 tool used worldwide to discover your passions and your life's purpose - The Passion Test!

  • Discover your top 5 passions
  • Learn the secret that will guarantee you a passionate life
  • Start practicing the 3 keys to creating anything you choose to have
  • Gain powerful decision-making tools for making good decisions about your future
  • See where you stand right not in living your passions
  • Take home a tool you can use again and again to stay connected to what matters most to you

Group workshop  $179 per person  

One-on-one Passion Test (2 Sessions) $249

Refresher/Check in call $59

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