What is Energy Healing?  

Science has undoubtedly proven to us that everything is energy and energy can be measured by vibration / frequency.    You, or the energy that makes up you, is traveling and moving through the physical body via chakras, nadis, meridians and all around you.  

The not-so-positive experiences you have had influence your energy, creating blocks, imbalances, poor health, emotional pain.   Like attracts like, so your current energy / frequency / vibration level will continue to attract things that cause more of the same.   When you want to improve your health, emotional wellness, life's circumstances, your environment, etc. focusing on activities that balance your energy / raise your frequency is the best place to start!  All of the energy therapy modalities I offer do just that!

Consider this... It is said that a negative thought can lower your frequency by 12 MHz within 3 seconds and a positive thought can raise your frequency by at least 15 MHz.  Pretty cool, isn't it?

Energy healing brings balance to the body, mind and more. It restores, heals, clears, calms, energizes. Whatever the body is in need of to rebalance, heal and be your self.... your TRUE self. This is what I am offering for you to experience @ Heart Space - whether it is with Reiki, Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing or the beautifully choreographed dance of all four, in my Heart Space Bliss Sessions.

And what about Crystals and Aromatherapy?

My opinion regarding crystal healing and aromatherapy is that because everything is energy and since our fluctuating energy can be influenced, raised or lowered to match the most stable energy surrounding it, our body's energy begins to meet the steady, stable vibration of the crystal/s and/or oil/s it is in contact or proximity to.  

And the benefit to receiving crystal healing sessions with me are not only years of training with the best teachers in the country, a healing room full of display pieces, but you will have an incomparable session utilizing a crystal toolbox of over 100 different types of crystals (and growing).  No cookie cutter, basic placements of crystals simply because they are the same colors as a certain chakra - we will create a personalized prescription to target any and all issues (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).  You also have the option to purchase any of the crystals you've connected with.

For Example:

  • Overwhelmed, scattered or out of control? The slow vibrating energy of stone such as red jasper can help calm you, help you feel stronger and more grounded.  

  • Sad, stuck, unmotivated? A crystal such as citrine, which has a faster vibration (sometimes described as cheerful) gives you an energetic boost.  

  • Trying to break an old habit or overcome addiction? Amethyst is well known for its support

  • Need emotional healing from old trauma or grief? Great choices are Apache Tear, Lepidolite

  • Desire Abundance and Fortune? Pyrite, Green Adventure or Citrine

As for Aromatherapy: Studies have shown that simply breathing in the aroma of essential oil can raise your vibration in less than 15 seconds and applying them works even better because their molecular structure is small enough that the can get into the bloodstream!  

For Example:

  • Need Calm? Grab some lavender

  • Need a Boost? Citrus gives a joyful one

  • Need Focus? Peppermint can help with that

I hope these short but sweet descriptions and examples provide a deeper understanding.  I could go on for days about these sciences so if you would like more information, would like me to clarify or discuss further, please do not hesitate to reach out!  Let's chat!

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Heart Space Bliss - a deluxe energy session

  • Do you often feel rushed or out of balance?

  • Is it difficult for you to calm your mind?

  • Do you have physical discomfort and are trying to stay away or reduce the amount of medications for relief?

Drift off into a deep meditative state from a blissful sound bath of quartz crystal & tibetan singing bowls resting on and around your relaxed body, while the aromas of the purest essential oils infuse the air and you receive the healing energies of the highest vibrational energy of reiki and crystals.  

This beautiful combination of healing energies will activate the parasympathetic nervous system which brings the body into is rest and heal state.

Once you experience Heart Spa Bliss you will understand why it is my most requested service and unlike any other you have or will ever receive.  

50min $99   |   + AromaTouch add $59

If you don't see a time that works for you, call or text for more options  717-974-4841

I highly recommend Heather as a gifted, experienced sound healer. She’s educated and experienced in both sound therapy and crystal healing among other modalities. Combined with her intuitive ability, open heart and gentle, sensitive approach, this all made for a deeply profound healing session physically and at the soul level. She not only truly listened to my words, but she paid attention throughout the whole session as she worked. I definitely felt it. She knows what she’s doing. As a sound therapist educator, I won’t go to just anyone and I won’t recommend just anyone. I look forward to my next session with Heather.
— Lana R.
What I experienced in the session was the most relaxed I have ever felt. Even though it was so relaxing I did not fall asleep. The vibrations of the bowls resonated through my entire body and I could feel my body coming back into harmony. The crystals supported my energy balance and the essential oils were perfect blends given at the perfect times!

Heather let’s the energy guide her to give you the most comprehensive therapeutic session. With my body mind and soul in harmony it can heal itself emotionally, spiritually and physically!
— Stacy S
Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed myself thoroughly at my session.
I have gained knowledge regarding crystals plus understanding a little better how energy works!
One thing that stood out for me during the session was the colors I saw with my eyes closed as the bowls were being used!!

Someone who is on the fence about a session, I would say - Heather is very easy and open and it’s very comfortable to talk to her, about anything. At least go once and see what it can do for you. It may just be the change you are looking for. “
— Jen S.

What is Sound Therapy?

An advanced relaxation method utilizing Therapeutic Singing Bowls directly on the body.  The strong vibration from the bowls in unison with the soothing tones of the bowls combine to induce a multi-layered approach to deep relaxation, Sound Therapy is considered the gentlest form of massage.  This modality utilizes the effect of the vibration to induce fast and reliable meditative state.   While receiving relaxation through Sound Therapy, muscle tension decreases, blood pressure goes down, the mind becomes calm and the harmful effects of prolonged stress are counteracted.

How does Sound Therapy work?

Vibration travel via water and air.  This is significant when you consider the human body is approximately 65 percent water.  Pair this with the fact that bones are crystalline structure, our bodies begin to match the vibration of sound.  Which in turns begins to bring the body into a pure healing state.  

Sound also begins to shift our brainwave state.  This means sound can bring us from our normal beta state (waking consciousness) to Alpha (relaxed consciousness, then to Theta (meditative state) and sometimes to delta (sleep state – which is where internal healing can occur) 

Allow stress and tension release from the benefit of the healing vibration of sound.  Become immersed in the sound of both pure Quartz Crystal and Tibetian singing bowls as the healing tones which resonate with the seven major chakras and bring the body into balance and a state deep relaxation.

Reserve Your Session, Today! 45min. $67

Host your own Sound Meditation, starting @ $125 per hour + travel expense - Learn more about Sound Meditation

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(pronounced Ray-Key) is the Japanese word for Universal Life Energy ~ the energy found throughout the universe.  

As we all know, stress is the main cause of illness & disease. This non-invasive Reiki energy relieves stress & tension. It helps manage, reduce or eliminate pain. Reiki speeds up the recovery from surgery & can increase the effectiveness of modern medical treatments. Reiki rebalances the body physically, spiritually & emotionally, finding where energy is needed most & transferring it there.  Reiki is used successfully in all types of healing - physical, emotional and spiritual.  At the Master | Teacher level, a Reiki session can be done, either  in person or from a distance.  

 What can Reiki do?

  • Relieve stress

  • Lower high blood pressure

  • Lower rapid heart or respiration rates

  • Reduces pain

  • Help insomnia

  • Calm anxiety

  • Help overcome emotional issues or trauma

  • Clarify life purpose

  • Help reduce the need for medication

…and much much much more.  If what you need isn’t on the list, don’t worry, it can help!

Master | Teacher Level Session  30min $49 | 45min $59

Distant | Proxy Sessions  are ideally scheduled when you can sit or lay down and relax and can be done anytime throughout the day or night - even while you are busy at work or sleeping for the night. If you don't have a preference when it is provided, I may have more availability than what shows on this calender. Feel free to reach out to discuss.

With a distant session:

  • You will receive a link for an audio of the session. This allows you to listen to the information I receive throughout and use it toward your highest good

  • If you add crystal healing to the session, I will send a photo of the layout as well

If you don't see a time that works for you, call or text for more options  717-974-4841

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Chakra Harmonizing

After evaluating each chakra's energetic movement and utilizing the vibrational healing of  Tibetian and Quartz crystal singing bowls you will experience balancing of the bodies energy, either providing renewed vitality, a feeling of deep rest or mental clarity.  It will bring you exactly what you need, how you need it!

30min $49      |   + 15min & Reiki  $79                                                                                                                              

  If you don't see a time that works for you, call or text for more options  717-974-4841

Crystal Healing

Crystal Reading

Gain insight on topics like:

  • Romance

  • Career

  • Health

  • Past/present/future

  • Present/near future/distant future

  • What will serve your highest interest for this week, this year, in a current situation.

Any question you are pondering, you will receive guidance through  channeling and crystal wisdom.

20min. Reading  $47

40min. Reading $67

Prescription Session

Looking for some gentle and powerful shifts?  Have a specific goal or desired outcome?  Let's chat and determine underlying cause, symptoms, imbalances and vibrational matches to your optimal results.  

Example prescritions for past clients:

Amethyst, Ruby, Hematite & Quartz

Pyrite, Green Adventuire, Citrine and Moonstone

Blue Lace Agate, Kyanite, Apatite and Rose Quartz

Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Emerald and Malchite

20min. Assessment  $47


dōTERRA ArōmaTouch

The dōTERRA ArōmaTouch technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body.    Single session $79   |   Wellness Bundle 4 for $229


If you don't see a time that works for you, call or text for more options  717-974-4841


Cancelation/Reschedule Policy: 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule for a refund.  If less or no notice is given, and the work can be done via proxy, your session will be provided and a summary emailed to you. Thank you for respecting my time as much as I respect yours <3