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When we are not crystal clear on our values (aka. our moral compass) the situations that come up and the choices we make will either bring us into alignment with our true nature or bring us further away, causing stress, anxiety, discontent, lack of fulfillment and more.  When you experience this Intentional Living Workshop, it will all become so much easier to see and a life you will love will unfold with ease.  This workshop will provide that clarity, as well as goal setting to live intentionally, every day to bring you toward your dream life.  You will play with affirmations, dream life building, vision boards and visualizations, and the exercise "I know I have this when".  This program provides you with YOUR Personal Blue Print to a life inline with who you are, who you want to be and how to make sure they work congruently for more joy and fulfillment.


$297     |    Online Self Study $22    |    Add The Romance Blue Print - $197     |     Follow up, support call $59