This Vibrational Crystal Healing combines traditional crystal healing layouts along with essential oils, chakra balancing, color therapy, sound therapy, intuitive healing, and holistic coaching! This is a self-paced, online, intensive course that has been broken down into 10 segments. It is designed to be completed in ten weeks, but you have up to a year to complete this course in order to obtain your CCH (Certified Crystal Healer) Certification!

This course will set you up to be a professional Crystal Healer and Coach, in the field of the Holistic Arts or simply to benefit friends, family and anyone you choose to share with.  It is so PACKED with information, but is delivered in such a way that is fun and light hearted!

10 Week Online Vibrational Crystal Healing Course Includes: 

  • Self Paced Online Course, with PDF Print Function and Free Business Materials
  • Printable Certificate of Completion (and awards if earned)
  • The ability to use the suffix “CCH” at the end of your name. (Example: Alysia Doyle, CCH)
  • Mountains of online support during your studies, from your Instructor, Dr. Aly., as well as a private Facebook Student Group Forum!

$459.00 value

10 Week Online, Self Paced Crystal Healing Practitioner Course with CCH Certificate!

Includes *BONUS Holistic Life Coaching Lessons, for well rounded Holistic Practitioners! (A $97 value, yours FREE!)

Recommended (not required) course materials:

Healing Crystals:

  • A Quartz Crystal Pendulum on a solid chain, or a Clear Quartz Wand (long and thin)
  • A Complete Chakra/Crystal Healing Set Including (tumbled stones are most versatile, size medium-large, preferably clear and “grade A”);
    • clear quartz
    • amethyst
    • blue lace agate
    • rose quartz
    • green aventurine
    • citrine
    • orange carnelian
    • red jasper
    • smoky quartz
    • black tourmaline

Your Basic 4 Essential Oils:

  • A Grounding Oil, such as White Fir, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Frankincense or a Grounding Blend
  • A Calming Oil, such as Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Sandalwood, or a Calming Blend
  • A Centering Oil, such as Peppermint , Spearmint, Eucalyptus, or a Respiratory Blend
  • An Uplifting Oil, such as Wild Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, or a Citrus Blend

Text Books:

  • The Crystal Healer, by Phillip Permutt
  • Modern Essentials, by Aroma Tools
  • Emotions and Essential Oils
  • Vibrational Medicine, by Richard Gerber

*These books are optional for the course, but you will eventually want them to get the most out of the lessons I will be giving, and be able to act as a professional and well rounded healer and educator in your home and/or community. These text titles are the perfect reference books and practice companions for your future or existing holistic healing business. 

A Personal Journal or Blog:

This is what you will use to document notes, thoughts, personal reflections, goals, inspirational quotes, notes from practice sessions, personal experiences that you have with your oils and crystals, etc. This is for your personal use only.

In additional to the required material above, I will be giving notes on additional recommended materials (such as specialty oils, accessories, and crystals, books, audio, etc.) as we move through each lesson, over the next 10 weeks.  These are items that will help you help others, and I only recommend resources and items that I personal use, teach with, and love! Take what resonates with you, and leave what doesn’t.

Course Curriculum 

(With Bonus Holistic Coaching lesson segments and material that produces well rounded Energy Healers!):

  • Introduction, Preparation and Required Materials
  • Week 1, Lesson 1- What is Vibrational Crystal Healing
  • Week 1, Lesson 2- Filling Your Cup, First
  • Week 1, Lesson 3- Your Etheric Body/Aura
  • Week 1, Lesson 4- Your Chakra System, Basic and Advanced
  • Week 1, Lesson 5- Your Road Map to Wellness
  • Week 2, Lesson 1- All About Crystals
  • Week 2, Lesson 2: Crystals by Color
  • Week 2, Lesson 3- Crystal Care, Re-tuning, Charging and Programming
  • Week 2, Lesson 4- Crystal Healing Basics
  • Week 2, Lesson 5- Advanced Healing Crystal Properties
  • Week 3, Lesson 1- Measuring and Clearing The Chakras with a Pendulum or Wand
  • Week 3, Lesson 2- Basic Chakra Balancing Layout, Self-Healing Session
  • Week 4, Lesson 1- Basic Chakra Balancing Layout for a Client Session
  • Week 4, Lesson 2- Crystal Grid Basics
  • Week 4, Lesson 3: Advanced Crystal Grids
  • Week 4, Lesson 4: Gem Water Basics
  • Week 4, Lesson 5: Advanced Crystal Elixirs
  • Week 5, Lesson 1- Shield of Protection Body Grid/Layout
  • Week 5, Lesson 2- Calm Mind Layout
  • Week 5, Lesson 3- Healthy Legs Layout
  • Week 5, Lesson 4- Energy Boost Body Grid/Layout
  • Week 5, Lesson 5- MISC. Additional Crystal Types and Crystal Placements
  • Week 5, Lesson 6- Preparing to Give a Professional Crystal Healing Session
  • Week 6, Lesson 1- What are Doterra Essential Oils?
  • Week 7, Lesson 1- Getting to know your Essential Oil books!
  • Week 7, Lesson 2- How-to Choose Essential Oils for Balancing the Chakras
  • Week 7, Lesson 3- How to Clear and Balance the Chakras, Using Essential Oils
  • Week 8, Lesson 1: Expanding your Intuition
  • Week 8, Lesson 2: Sound Healing
  • Week 8, Lesson 3: Distance Healing with Crystals
  • Week 8, Lesson 4: The Word “Healer”, Some Food for Thought
  • Week 9, Lesson 1- The Nature of Holistic Counseling and Coaching
  • Week 9, Lesson 2- How-to Effectively Walk A Client Through Discovering & Solving Their Problems, Using the Basic Chakra System
  • Week 9, Lesson 3- Things to Instill in Your Clients and in Yourself
  • Week 9, Lesson 4- Legally Protected Titles and Words
  • Week 9, Lesson 5- Insurance and Setting Your Rates
  • Week 10, Final Lesson- Conducting a Holistic Healing/Coaching Session

***Once you begin your course, you have up to a year to complete it to obtain your certification. If you go over the year time period, I will not re-charge you to enroll, but I will ask you to start your course over, so that you can effectively retain the material that I am teaching within the course lessons.***

The type of Vibrational Crystal Healing that I specialize in and proudly teach:

By discovering energetic imbalances within the body and energy field, and by taking action to balance and manipulate this energy in a natural, positive and healthy way, it is believed by many that we are actually able to prevent illness from manifesting within the physical body, later on. Although I do see some truth in this belief, I personally specialize in using Vibrational Medicine for emotional wellness, personal empowerment, and spiritual healing, vs. the prevention of disease or healing of the physical body. Throughout this course, you will learn my unique approach to energy healing, that is both traditional, as well as modern in the way of my practice and methods being heavily rooted in holistically coaching the mind, emotions and human spirit, through healthy thoughts, personal empowerment, body layouts and proper take-home action plans.
— Dr. Aly