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What are your Goals? 

State What You Want

How else can I use this information to benefit me?

Accomplishments, successes, growth and so much more!  When we use our values, affirmation and goal setting to support each other you will get so much more out of life!

In this lesson, you will utilize your discoveries from all the previous exercises and begin to focus on each value, pinpointing specific desires.  From there you can explore some goals and how to achieve them.  

You'll want your end result of this exercise to be very specific.  Using the SMART Goal Setting system will ensure they are.  

  • S - Smart
  • M - Measurable
  • A - Agreed Upon
  • R - Realistic
  • T - Time-Based

Consider your values and contemplate.. If you accomplish "this" or have "XYZ" you will feel successful (whatever success means to you) AND it is in line with your core values.

Here are the questions you will want to answer:

  • What would you like to achieve?
  • Set a time frame you would like to achieve it by?
  • If you need help achieving the goal, who's help do you need to enlist?  
  • If any, what special skill or habit do you need to acquire to achieve this goal?


Value: Wealth


  • Save $10,000 within 12 months
  • Financially Free (Debt Free) 
  • Budget 

The final version of your goal affirmation would read:

I am so happy to have $10,000 saved by Day/Month/Year.

Action steps toward achieving this goal:

  • In order to do so, I will contact a debt consolidator to get advice on how to budget and pay off my student loan.  I will do this by Wednesday of next week.
  • Sign up for free budgeting course.  I will do this tomorrow.
  • I will also contact my bank to start a direct deposit where at least 10% of my pay will be deposited each pay period.  I will do this before my next payday.