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Creating Your Affirmations 

What are they used for?


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An explanation of why we use affirmations:

It has been described that our subconscious mind is our filing cabinet of everything we know. It contains all of our experiences, knowledge, wisdom and discoveries and imposed beliefs.  It does not differentiate between fact and fiction, it just stores data.

Consider it like a take out window because it is constantly looking to provide us with the information we request.  What we ask for, think, believe.. it is there to deliver.  You name it.  It will deliver what you think about, the feelings you have and the things you say.  It will deliver the circumstances, events and outcomes you imagine and will continue to maintain your patterns or habits.  And it does this as if it is on autopilot.  

Do you see why we should be so mindful of our thoughts and what we allow to become stored in this endless databank? 

This course it designed to help you become more aware of what you ask for, how you speak to yourself and about your current circumstances.  

You've created what you have thus far.. 

What would you like to create in your future?

In the previous lesson we created Values Statements.  These statements are very specific and detailed.  If you ever find it challenging to review those statements throughout the day, everyday, and realize the importance of keeping these goals and visions in the forefront of your mind, you can create a few short affirmation to support the Values Statements.  

For example, if your Value is Healthy Living and the Values Statement you've created is "I enjoy the abundance of energy my body has and that exercise allows my body to be beautiful and move with ease." you may create a short affirmation such as "Exercise is fun" or "My body moves with ease."


Let's go a little deeper into the value of Values Statement and Affirmations.  You may have heard of Neuroscience? 

If not, here's a brief explanation and I encourage you to investigate further.  

Research that has proven we can create new neural pathways in our brain when we consistently introduce a thought pattern or behavior.  When you consistently do or think something (for approx one month) it becomes a habit and is easier to maintain and build upon.

In a nutshell, by introducing positive thoughts (affirmations), repeatedly to create new neural pathways, our positive thoughts become positive beliefs and in turn, they are more likely to become our reality.

So now we take the previous exercise and create affirmations that are in alignment with your values statements.  When read or said out loud, these statements will help create new thought patterns, beliefs and neural pathways that will help bring your life further into alignment with your values, desired feelings and goals.

You'll want to have an affirmation or 2 for each category (Purpose, Self, Health, Relationships, Career and Finances).  They will become your quick reference, support for when you don't have time to review your whole values chart.  


Value: Love

Values statement: I am so blissfully happy because of all the love in my life.  My husband and I talk, share wonderful moments with each other, our children and friends.  We hug so often and smile even more.  Our neighbors and friends invite us to every event because we are so fun and easy to be around.  

Affirmation examples:

  • I am deeply loved
  • I am appreciative and appreciated
  • I have the love and respect of my community

Download the document below if you'd like to view some sample affirmations

Feel overwhelmed or can't narrow it down?

Yes, there are so many choices and you don't have to stick to one for life.  You can change them up each week or if you do find one that really strikes you, one that brings a tear to your eye, stick to it for a while.  If you don't trust yourself, you can muscle test which one is the best one for you.  

If muscle testing (aka. Kinesiology) is new to you, here's a quick description:

Either holding the written affirmation in front of your heart or speaking it out loud, say, "Is this the best affirmation for me at this time?"  If your feel your body sway forward, that symbolizes a "yes" response.  If it sways back, that symbolizes a "no" response.