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Someday in the distant future, 15, 20, 30 years from now..

Considering the goals you have set and working backwards, imagine it is 20 or 30 years from now.  Write down all that you think you would have done in order to reach your goals.  

  • What habits? 
  • What efforts? 
  • What help did you enlist?
  • What skills did you acquire?

Now, sort that list, chronologically.  Imagine which of those things would have been implemented 30 years ago, which would have been implemented 20 years ago, then 10 years, 5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month.

This exercise helps you take small bites and feel less overwhelmed by large or intimidating goals.  By moving backwards on our life's timeline, it seems to break the process down so you can see where and how simple it is to get started now.

Time and organization

Start the day:

Wake up, drink a glass of water, stretch meditate, review your values, affirmations and goals.  Start the day with what gets you on track.  Doing this keeps you laser focused on what you are trying to accomplish and helps you stay in line with the values that nourish you!

Work time:

It has been stated by many of the top experts that the 50/10 rule is the most productive way to manage time.  This means 50 minutes of work and a 10 minute break, to stretch, refresh, hydrate, etc.  This helps reduce burn out and keeps us fresh for any task at hand. 

End of day:

It is wise to revisit the day, and the choices we make.  It allows us to consider if we are still on track or give us a chance to figure out what we can do to get back on track, if needed.  This is not a time to dwell on mistakes or shortcomings but rather see areas you could have improved or made different decisions for more favorable outcomes.  If you find yourself recalling a moment like that from your day, simply relive it with any modifications you would make next time to have that more favorable outcome.  This will store a positive memory and prep you better for if a similar situations arises in the future.

5 Key Tasks

Each day list the 5 things that you will take care of that day to create the largest impact and bring you closer to your goals.

For someone who is trying to grow their small business, are trying to get financially stable AND improve their emotional and physical health, it may look a little like this:

Today I am committed to:

  1. Open a direct deposit account and set up 10% of my pay to be automatically deposited each pay period.
  2. Enroll in a course to learn bookkeeping
  3. Connect with a small business association to get their calendar of events
  4. Meditate at least 15 minutes
  5. Prepare juicing ingredients for the week

Download daily template.

Vision Boards and the Law of Attraction

Visualization and Vision Boards are some favorite tools in goal achievement! 

If you haven't heard of "The Secret", I recommend you find a copy of the book or DVD.  You may even find it to stream on Netflix or for free on YouTube.  In it, Visualization and Vision Boards are discussed (and so much more!)  

Creating your own vision board is fun and easy.  You can make a physical or digital version.  All you need to do is locate images of things you love, things you aspire to have, things that represent what you would have when you reach your goals and either paste them on a poster board to display or create a slideshow of these images on your computer.  

Examples of vision board images:

  • Cars
  • Couples, Romance
  • Family
  • Vacation Spots (or vacation homes)
  • Homes
  • Jewelry
  • Experiences
  • Foods
  • Clothing
  • Certificates or Diplomas
  • Affirmation, Poems

Grab old magazines, books, travel brochures, property listings, etc and start cutting and pasting 

You've organized a lot of information that was once swimming around in your head, consciously or unconsciously.  Now, having it written out allows you to really focus your undivided attention on it.  Each piece of this course is intended to help you connect with yourself, your beliefs, needs, desires and create the blueprint that will always bring you back to the foundation of it all.  Keeping it simple and clear so no matter what the circumstances, you can honor YOU and live according to what matters most.  

Each piece plays a part in nourishing who you are and desire to be so I encourage you to visit your work, everyday, to allow the information written becomes a new part of your thoughts and decision making.

You may find you are motivated enough to implement all you have discovered and are 100% committed to taking the positive action needed to bring you in alignment with your values.  If that is the case, Congratulations!  You are an exceptional being!  If you are like me and like one on one interaction, enjoy hearing an objective perspective, crave being challenged or just want to feel more supported as you are transitioning into this new mindset and lifestyle, I have a special gift for you:  25% OFF Discovery Session where we will begin to design a plan to of action when you are faced with road blocks or the ego begins to get in the way of you reaching higher levels of success, happiness and abundance.  Don't miss out on this amazing gift, contact me or schedule now!.   

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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