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What Are Values & How To Begin

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I also know, first hand, when we do not have clarity about what our values are, we cannot make choices to support them.  This leads to internal confusion, anxiety, depression or at the least, a disappointing life where you never feel truly fulfilled.  

For example:  Let's say Carol is a in a relationship with Craig.  Some of her core values are: deep connection, commitment, honesty and adventure.  Througha  few rough patches and upleasant experiences, she realizes she doesn't trust Craig because hides the truth, they rarely discuss matters that bring them closer and she found out he has lied in the past.  To top it off, he is a home body who never wants to do anything, when traveling to exotic destinations is one of her favorite things to do.  If Carol was clear on her core values and paid attention to them with each choice she made, it's likely things wouldn't have gone far with Craig and she may be in a much for exciting, loving relationship with a man who is more compatible.

When we are clear, the path to happiness seems to be lit a little brighter and we don't trip on the bumps along the way.

So this course is here to help you illuminate your path.  It contains simple exercises and when you really commit - think long term and feel what your body and mind are telling you, you will complete it with a much deeper understanding of not only what matters most, but it will also help you see what supports you and your values the most.

Download the Sample Values List and Blank Values spreadsheet below.   Select values from the sample list or let it inspire you to come up with others that may not be listed.  

  1. To begin, highlight all of the values that resonate with you.  Moving forward disregard anything that is not highlighted.
  2. Now go back, consider the values you highlighted and put a dot next to those that are more important.  Moving forward disregard any value that does not have a dot next to it.
  3. Continue this process: consider the values that have a dot next to them and refine the list by putting two dots next to those that are more important.  Moving forward disregard any value that does not have two dots next to it.
  4. Continue with this process of elimination until you have 6 values with the most dots. (completed sample sheet available below)
  5. Congratulations, you have selected Your 6 Core Values and let the fun begin!!
  6. I've included a Blank Values Sheet, you may download, in case you would like to write your values out as you narrow your selections down.